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Pregnancy Tracking

Regular checks during the 40-week period from start to birth

Pregnancy Tracking

Regular checks during the 40-week period from start to birth

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What is Pregnancy Tracking?

We call Pregnancy Follow-up the regular checks carried out to determine the gestational age from the beginning of pregnancy to the postpartum period, to monitor and evaluate the health status of the mother and baby, to inform the mother and father, to predict and prevent problems that may be encountered during pregnancy or to treat the detected problems. It covers the 40-week period from the beginning of pregnancy to birth.

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Why is it important?

The expectant mother must be monitored by a specialist gynecologist throughout her pregnancy. During these checks, possible health problems can be detected in advance and necessary precautions can be taken without delay. It is important for women who have had problems in their previous pregnancies to be followed up and to plan their care by taking the necessary precautions to avoid problems in their new pregnancies. In cases where the mother is very young or old, gives birth very frequently, or has a disease, there may be a risky pregnancy and it is useful to take precautions in advance. In addition, it is extremely important for the family to carry out the necessary checks on the baby thanks to the tests performed throughout pregnancy.

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